The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Windscreen After a Chip Repair or Windscreen Replacement

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cleaning after windscreen replacement

There’s nothing like driving around with a clean, clear windscreen; it’s just one of those things that gives a little lift to your driving experience!

Not only does a spotless windshield look great, but keeping it clean is essential, especially after windscreen repair and replacement. Dirt, stains, and smears can obstruct your vision and distract your focus on the road. At Ezy Fix Windscreens, our team of technicians has compiled a tried-and-tested guide on achieving a spotless windshield after a replacement, ensuring optimal results after booking a repair service.

Car Windscreen Exterior Cleaning

What You'll Need:

  • Alcohol-based glass cleaners can be very effective in maintaining a clear view, particularly after a car window repair.
  • At least two clean, lint-free microfibre cloths or towels are needed, especially useful if your car windshield replacement is scheduled. are needed, especially useful if your car windscreen replacement is scheduled.
  • Rubber gloves & eye protection (optional but recommended) for increased safety during any glass repair or replacement tasks, including windscreen repair and replacement. for safety while dealing with any auto glass replacement.


Car Window Expert Tips:

  • Avoid using ammonia-based glass cleaners if your windscreen is tinted, as they can cause discoloration and may lead to a need for new windscreen installation.
  • Use reusable microfibre cloths for a streak-free finish, making sure to have extras on hand for any windscreen repair and replacement projects. They are long-lasting, washable, and environmentally friendly. Avoid disposable cloths to keep your cleaning routine as green as possible and maintain the integrity of your auto glass.
  • If you notice a chip in your windscreen, get it repaired before applying pressure, as this could cause the damage to spread into a crack requiring auto glass replacement.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Carefully lift both wiper blades outwards and off the windscreen to avoid any damage that might necessitate windscreen repair and replacement.
  2. Spray the glass cleaner evenly to thoroughly coat the first half of the windscreen, which is especially crucial for a clear view after windscreen repair and replacement.
  3. Wipe the windscreen with one of your clean microfibre cloths in straight vertical motions to maintain clarity after replacement and repairs.
  4. Take another clean microfibre cloth and wipe the same part of the glass in straight horizontal motions, ensuring that the glass is completely dry, to achieve the best results especially after you replace your windscreen.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 on the second half of your windscreen using either the clean sides of the same cloth or a fresh set.
  6. With the wiper blades still off the windscreen, spray the glass cleaner on the wiper blades to maintain them and avoid needing glass replacement.
  7. Pinch both sides of the wiper blades with a towel and wipe downwards; repeat until dry.
  8. Lastly, use a dry microfibre cloth to buff the entire windscreen in small circular motions.

Additional Tips:

  • Avoid touching the glass with your hands or fingers while wiping to prevent smears and ensure the best results for car windscreen replacement.
  • Don’t leave overspray on the trim and edges of the windscreen unwiped, as it will become visible when it dries.
  • Clean any dirt and grime accumulated in the wiper blades to prevent scratching your windscreen.
  • Remove any leaves and twigs at the base of the windscreen.

Autoglass Interior Cleaning 

Now that the outside of your windscreen is sparkling clean, it’s time to tackle the interior, keeping in mind any windscreen chip repairs.

What You'll Need:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Alcohol-based glass cleaner
  • Three clean, lint-free microfibre cloths or towels
  • Rubber gloves & eye protection (optional but recommended)

Steps to Follow:

  1. With a clean cloth, wipe the interior of your windscreen using circular motions, starting at the bottom and moving upwards.
  2. Flip the cloth to the clean side and wipe the windscreen again, using up-and-down motions.
  3. Apply enough rubbing alcohol onto a fresh, clean cloth but not so much that it drips, especially if you have a booking for windscreen repair and replacement. Wipe the windscreen using circular motions for effective cleaning, especially before any glass repair. If you get alcohol on the dash, clean it off immediately with a paper towel to avoid staining and call us for a repair or replace service if damage occurs.
  4. Spray the glass cleaner directly on another clean cloth for best results before considering any repair or replace options. Wipe the first half of the windscreen using vertical, then horizontal movements.
  5. Repeat step 4 on the other half of the windscreen using the same cloth to ensure even cleaning before considering glass repair.

Additional Tips:

  • Don’t spray the rubbing alcohol and glass cleaner directly onto the windscreen to avoid overspray staining the dashboard.
  • Monitor the Condition of Your Windscreen
  • Regularly cleaning your car’s windscreen allows you to monitor its condition and ensure there are no small chips you may not have noticed. If you do notice a small chip, it’s important to get it fixed before it turns into a crack.

Make Autoglass Cleaning Easier Next Time

Consider applying a treatment to your windscreen to make your cleaning job easier. A treatment can help prevent dirt, insects, and other debris from sticking to your windscreen and improve visibility by repelling rain. 

If you ever need immediate assistance, Ezy Fix Windscreens can give you details about your specific situation. Send a message on our Facebook or Instagram page or call us at 1800 399 349 to speak to one of our friendly team members. Our experienced technicians will assess and discuss your windscreen repair or replacement options and help you get back on the road quickly and safely, ensuring top-quality workmanship.

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