When to Replace or Repair Your Windscreen? The Ultimate Guide to Making the Right Choice!

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Your car’s windscreen is not just for aesthetic appeal but also an essential part that protects you from wind, harmful debris, and other external elements while driving.

Over time, it may encounter damage due to various factors, such as rock chips, cracks, or scratches. When faced with a damaged windscreen, it’s crucial to assess whether it requires a repair or a complete replacement.

After reading this post, you will have a clear decision on what is the right solution for your windscreen — whether you just need a repair or you need to replace it with a new one. Based on what we experience with our past windscreen clients, we will be covering 5 factors to consider for your decision including the cost of repairing and replacement of windscreen.


Repair or Replace?

These are the 5 common factors to consider in your decision:

1. Rock Chips and Cracks

When it comes to rock chips and cracks, the size and location play a significant role in determining whether a repair or replacement is necessary.

A small chip, typically smaller than a coin including those resulted from hail storms, can often be repaired using specialized techniques that inject resin into the damaged area, strengthening the glass and preventing the crack from.

However, if the chip is large, exceeding the size of a dollar coin, or the crack extends beyond a certain length, replacement is necessary to ensure your safety. Especially if your windscreen is seriously damaged by hail storms.

2. Age of your Windscreen

Another factor to consider is the age of the windscreen. If the windscreen is new and has only few small damages, then repairing it is a viable option. However, if the windscreen is old, then consider replacing it to avoid making the material weaker.

This is especially true when it has multiple damages, replacing the old windscreen will be the best option.


3. Depth and Extent of Damage

Assessing the depth and extent of damage is crucial in determining whether a repair is feasible. If the damage is confined to the outer layer of the windscreen, repair is usually possible.

However, if the damage extends to the inner layer and it is extensive, like a large crack or multiple cracks, or if it compromises the structural integrity of the glass, a replacement is typically recommended to maintain the strength and safety of your car’s windscreen and your travels.


4. Location of Damage

The location of the damage on the windscreen is also a vital factor. If the damage falls within the driver’s line of sight or impairs visibility, it is safer to opt for a replacement. Repair techniques may leave a slight blemish or distortion, which can be distracting for the driver.

Additionally, damage near the edges of the windscreen may weaken its overall strength, making replacement the better option. If the damage falls on other area not mentioned previously, you may opt for repair as long as its extent is small. If you are unsure, we recommend calling any windscreen service company to assess if repair or replacement is needed.


5. Cost

Cost is another factor to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace the windscreen. Repairing the windscreen is cheaper than replacing it, but do not compromise your safety just to save money. If the damage is extensive, then repairing the windscreen is not cost-effective and not even safe.

We create a separate posts for you if you want to know the usual costs of windscreen repairs and windscreen replacements. Just click on the underlined words to get there.

For the Final Decision: To Repair or to Replace?

To Repair:

  • If the chip or crack is smaller than a coin.
  • If your windscreen is new and the damage is just small.
  • If the damage is confined to the outer layer of the windscreen.
  • If the chip is not within the driver’s line of sight.
  • If the damage is small, and you want to replace, a cost-effective way to regain the clarity of your windscreen is to repair it.

To Replace:

  • If the chip is larger than a coin.
  • If your windscreen is old and damaged, you might consider replacing it.
  • If your windscreen had multiple cracks and chips.
  • If the windscreen damage is within the driver’s line of sight, even when it is small.
  • If damage is extensive and replacing it won’t be cost-effective.


That’s it! You now have a clear direction on what you need to do with your car’s windscreen. All the factors above can help you in deciding what’s best for your safety and your road travels. If any of this is unclear, send us a message on our Facebook page or call us for any windscreen information you need on any car make or model at 1800 399 349.


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